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The love poems contest is a free monthly poetry contest which consist of selecting at at the beginning of every month, one Love Poem and one Love Quote (from the entries received during the previous month) and add them to our website. We will include a link to the winning poem and quote on our Home Page as well as in our monthly newsletter.

Before submit your poems to the contest, please take note of the following contest guidelines/rules.

Poetry Contest Theme:
The theme of the poems needs to be related to love and romantic poetry.

What NOT To Submit:
Please do NOT submit poems or quotes dealing with lost love, breaking up, depression, regret, impossible love, etc. These topics are beyond the scope of this site. Please do NOT submit poems or quotes that are cynical, bitter, or negative, that have nothing to do with love, or that have no romantic or sentimental undertone. If someone won't "feel good" after reading your poem or quote, it does not fit into our collection. Please do NOT submit poems or quotes that are highly abstract or surreal. We prefer poems and quotes that can be appreciated and understood by all ages. Lastly, please do NOT submit poems or quotes that make reference to sex or making love. This subject is not suitable for our younger readers.

Please Spell Check:
We welcome submissions from all countries and all ages, however, proper spelling and grammar are required. Entries with multiple spelling or grammatical errors will be ignored.

One Entry Per Person Per Month:
We receive a great number of entries every month. You are welcome to send a new poem or quote every month, but please do NOT enter more than once during the same month.

Do You Have A Valentine's Day Poem?
We have recently added a section for Valentine's Day Poems and are looking for entries!

If you have read (and are respecting) the above guidelines, please send us an e-mail with the words Poetry Contest in the subject line. Please type your poem or quote directly in the e-mail rather sending an attached file. In addition to the poem or quote, please include the name of the author which will appear underneath. If you are submitting an original poem or quote (i.e. written by yourself), please specify your name as you would like it to appear. If you are not the author of the poem or quote, please specify the author's name so proper credit can be given.

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