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Love's Lessons

Barbara J Laing

Artistic Love Card 2

Oh! Bitter-sweet Love -
From whence do you derive your name -
A word so innocuous
Yet, which may bestow such unhappiness and pain?

The heart - once almost bursting
With joy from passion true -
Is now only half alive
Since it lost the love of you.

Before giving the heart away
Remember there’s a cost,
For life is never quite the same
When love’s been known - then lost.

It is indeed a word that may impart
Such anguish and such pain
As, from its decks, it hurtles you
And you find you’re drowning once again

Yet, surround not your being
With suspicion, distrust and fears
For many of Life’s hard lessons
Come by shedding sob-wracked tears.

So, when love comes passing by,
Seize it whilst you may,
And diligently nurture it
With the passing of each day!

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